Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turbulence Training - Exercises during pregnancy

Turbulence Training Review - When you inhale take your blade in hand, round the waist, go back to the original position, with a little rotten in the thoracic region. Exercise 5-8 times. Before, start to exercise, you need to warm up in place, rotate the hips and shoulders, you can walk there.

Turbulence Training - Place your feet shoulder width apart, elbows on the chest, palms together in front of him. Presses the palm of strength for each other and put your hands up to his face. Intercostal muscle to relax, put your knees together, stand on your knees, put your hands on the floor.

Omit the bowl on the floor, but the thigh should lie parallel to the palm. Do this exercise eight times on the two sides. Pilates is a great exercise and elastic ball. Its purpose is to remove stress from the back muscles, ligaments of the birth canal to make more flexible. This ball is called the fitball.

Starting position should sit on its back; knees should be below the level of the pelvis, back straight, in a circular clockwise circular motion puncture pelvis. Do these exercise 8-10 times, but it is not worth doing Pilates when there are contraindications. These exercises will help future mums prepare for childbirth.

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