Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turbulence Training - Pilates exercises for pregnant women

Turbulence Training - To be pregnant in good shape and ready to leave a few simple exercises, they are called Pilates. These exercises can be practiced at home. Through these exercises strengthen muscles of the pelvis, internal female thoughts, and your back muscles.

Turbulence Training Review - Pilates for pregnant women is very useful, it teaches proper breathing, as during childbirth is important. Pilate’s exercises develop the mind; lift the mood and restores vitality. But if you decide to do exercises, in any case, you have to consult a family doctor.

Exercises in Pilates for pregnant women if you want to achieve a positive result, you should not procrastinate and be lazy. Exercises for pregnant women should be done slowly, quietly, without any sudden movements. Great attention should be paid to the breath.

Well relieves tension in the lower back in pregnancy exercise "Cat." Performing these exercises important not to strain the press, but rather relax him. On all fours, hands, put a little bit ahead of myself, elbows slightly bent, knees shoulder width apart, and lower back - in the free position.

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