Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turbulence Training Workout - Exercises for strength

Human movements are carried out by its ability to overcome resistance due to different muscle tension. When people talk about the power of both the physical capacity, they mean its greatest manifestation to which man is capable of.

When sailing in the major muscle groups involved. But the main burden bear arm muscles, back, shoulders and legs. Means of force are "power" exercises or exercises "in force", which are very diverse. Turbulence Training Workout

The peculiarities of the pattern of activity of muscle strength exercises are divided into static and dynamic, when performing dynamic exercises are moving body or parts of a swimmer in the (jumping, running, swimming, walking, etc.).

The strength of the muscles or overcomes the external forces, or inferior to them (extension arms). Static exercises "in force", or, as they are called, isometric, exercises provide certain body posture due to counteract external forces (holding rod in different positions, stops, etc.).

In sports practice for strength swimmers often use dynamic exercises. In any sport, especially in swimming, motor activity is composed of efforts primarily dynamic.

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